A website devoted to the Howard Clarke & Fannie Jones Glover descendents. If you are too young to remember the family pictures then you owe it to yourself to browse them. The family has grown so much that it is difficult to keep up with everyone. Let's not lose touch with our roots! 


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Pictures from the 2003 Family Reunion. Click on any picture to view the picture in higher resolution.

I'm going to take a stab at naming some of the folks here... however the old gray cells are getting grayer by the moment... any and all help will be appreciated. Oh.... lest we forget the wonderful poem/invitation... click here.

Preston Glover (Peter & Helen's son) & Madison Stevens (daughter of Stacey & John - daughter of Tom & Laine Parrott)

Laine Parrott, Inez Glover, Lisa Mullally Smith

Bill Glover, Becky Glover, Bobbie Glover

Ronnie, Lilly & Melissa Kirk

Lynda Burgy, Sarah & Clarke Glover

Litt Glover, Taylor Glover & Jon Flask

Frank Glover, Cliff B Glover, Dan Boone

Frank, Preston, Helen Glover, Taylor, Inez, Cliff B Glover, Gandy Glover (Cliff B Glover Family)

Cliff, Inez, Taylor, Frank Glover

Ann Glover, Lance Tankersly, Bill Logan

Sandra, Laura Lee, ____, Jenny Lee, Greg Stevens, Mr & Mrs John Lee

Richard, Sarah, Clarke IV and Howard Glover Jr.

Carol, Banks, Bobbie Glover, Becky, Howard III, Margaret Glover

___, Leila Rainwater, ____, ____, Carl Dixon, Zoe Dixon

Lynda Burgy, Kevin Jordan, T.J. Glover

Kay Glover, Sandra Glover, Becky Flask, Wallace Glover

Kay Glover, Shearon Glover, Becky Flask

Sally Thorpe, Dannie Nalley, Jinks Heslep, Frances Wayt

Ann Parrott, Helen Glover (Peter's wife), Melissa Kirk, Lilly Kirk, Richard Glover, Jon Flask, Laine Parrott, Ronnie Kirk

Cliff B Glover, Tommy Glover, Inez Glover

Mery Aranda, Cameron Boone, Shannon & Tate Klein

Nancy & Bill Kennedy

Koenig Children ??

Wilson Glover, Richard Glover, Laura Thatcher

Callie Boone (Bob & Melissa's daughter) and Abigail Tutterow (Sam & Meredith Boone Tutterow's daughter)

Abigail Tutterow (Sam & Meredith Boone Tutterow's daughter)

Ann Boone, Sharon Klein, Elizabeth Alford, Caroline Boone Alford

Melissa, Lilly & ronnie Kirk (daughter & grandauaghter of Tom & Laine Parrott)

Frank Glover (son of Taylor), Madison Stevens (daughter of Stacey Parrot), Preston Glover (son of Peter)

Howard Glover, Hanna Kennedy (wife of David), and daughter



The David Kennedy Family

Aalyson Lee Stone (Jenny's duaghter), Winnie Klein, Shearon Glover

Ann Parrott, Laine Parrott, Beck Glover Flask

Preston Glover (son of Peter) and Helen Glover


Bill Kennedy, ____, ____, Harriett Glover

Zoe & Carl Dixon

Renaat & Suzannah Boone VerEeke and Tate Klein

John Lee, ___ Brad Thatcher, ___


Shannon, Kip & Sharon Klein, Watt Boone


Debbie (Richard) Glover, Shearon Glover, ___, Whitney Glover

Ann Parrott, Cliff Glover

Laura Glover Thatcher, Gandy Glover

Laura Thatcher & Bill Boone

Carl Boone, Richard Glover (Howard's son)

John Glover, Dan Boone, Howard Glover

Bill Boone, Laura Thatcher, Anne Boone

Bill Glover, Shearon Glover

Lisa Mullally Smith



Preston Glover, Margaret Glover, Laine Parrott, Madison Stevens

Dan, Robbie, Major & Bill Boone

TJ Glover

Sandra Glover, Renaat & Suzannah Boone VerEeke

Clarke, Taylor and Sarah Glover

Whitney, Frank & Wilson Glover



Preston, Taylor Glover, Laine Parrott with Madison Stevens


Preston Glover, Laine Parrott and Madison Stevens

6Helen and Preston Glover

TJ Glover, Virginia, Katie & Ashley Boone (Carl's daughters)

Gandy, Laura Thatcher and Taylor Glover


Preston & Taylor Glover

Howard Glover, Winnie Klein, Cliff Glover